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Mar 22, 2011 12:00pm PDT
are at least 50 years old, which is their life expectancy. it comes from the transportation for america which base its information on the data from the national highway traffic safety administration. >>> dozens of families are still trapped by a big rockslide in the santa cruz mountains. take a look at this dramatic video of the moment it happened. >> oh, man, oh, man! >> they are catching these images as a giant wall of mud, debris and trees crashed across the road in the community of scotts valley. no one was hurt. but that slide has cut off 33 homes. neighbors have built a foot path around the slide to use temporarily until the mess is cleared. it's not ideal but it comes with the territory. >> when you live in the mountains things happen and you have to be flexible. >> well, no homes are without power or running water. that's good. a geologist hopes to assess the stability of that slope a little late today so the debris can be cleared. >> we saw this at big sur. we saw it there in scotts valley and we have more rain to come too . >> it's obvious that this is a problem. >> we'll see an ur
Mar 24, 2011 12:00pm PDT
. the automaker has 13 plants in america and inventories of japanese-made parts are running low. >> and this tick, tick, tick, is -- is bridging the hemispheres. >> veterans trapped by the horrors of war. how a bay area woman is helping some of them find peace. >> rain here, snow in the sierra. and lots of it. we'll tell you how much more is expected. >>> and that heavy rainfall continues to pound the bay area. but there is a glimmer of sunshine somewhere. i'll tell you when coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,saturday at si resorts. they're expected to get 2-to-5 feet of fresh powder. here's natasha stenbock w >>> the snow will be piling up through saturday at sierra ski resorts. they are expected to get two to five feet of fresh powder. here's natasha stenbock with a look at the conditions. >> reporter: out here at nyack it's a pretty sight but not so much fun for drivers. in fact, caltrans just shut down the road to trucks. applegate all the way to the nevada state line. so trucks like this behind me will be waiting around a little longer. chain controls taking place at applegate for cars and most fo
Mar 3, 2011 12:00pm PST
is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪ ...from chex... to cheerios... to lucky charms. so you can get the whole grain you want with the taste you love. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check. 200 points. investors are >>> take a look at that. a lot of buyers on wall street today. a big, big rally there right now the dow up 202 points. investors seem to be upbeat about the new unemployment report that showed the number of new jobless claiming falling to the lowest level in almost three years last week. retailers are also reporting strong february sales and everybody wanting to get in on the action, do some buying. >>> prices at the supermarket are going up. prices are the highest in 20 years. you can blame it on the spike in oil prices and unrest in the middle east. the increase is mostly being driven by higher prices of cereal, meat and dairy products. skyrocketing food prices have been among the triggers for protests in egypt. >>> okay. do you have a b
Mar 10, 2011 12:00pm PST
national bank at 23% interest. and $2,400 with a bank of america card at 14.9%. >> if you are paying 15%, 18% or more on another card, and you have an opportunity to get a 6% card, you're going to want to make the transfer and save the money. >> reporter: nelson santiago is the head of l.a.'s consumer action agency, a nonprofit organization that's been helping consumers for over 40 years. the agency now has a new survey of 41 credit card offers. >> we recommend that consumers shop around and not just focus on one single term. there are a lot of different terms in these credit cards that may be important to the consumer. >> reporter: consumer action found four big winners when it comes to low interest rates combined with no annual fees. the lowest rate was first command back with a 6.25 apr. next was another company at 7.25. third pnc bank visa platinum at 7.99. and wells fargo at 9.15%. another tip from consumer action, think twice before closing the account from which you have transferred debt. >> unless they are being hit with a high annual fee, make sure to keep the card because havi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4